The digital solution to support your energy upgrade projects.

Supporting Housing Professionals with their retrofit planning

RetroKit is a software platform that helps housing professionals to make evidence-based investment decisions for their energy upgrade projects.

It helps them to reduce the carbon footprint of the housing stock, alleviate fuel poverty and improve the health and well-being of the tenants.

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Project Aggregators

Retrokit allows you to explore different retrofit scenarios on a group of houses in a time and cost-efficient manner. This frees up time and money for the sales, marketing and development of your housing projects.

Local Authorities and Housing Associations

Retrokit provides you with up-to- date housing data, on a centralised cloud-based platform ensuring that your funding applications and proposals are as informed and cost-effective as possible.

Energy Consultants

RetroKit can support you in preparing Energy Master Plan for your clients. Every community is different, and Retrokit can help you to identify the most efficient ways to establish your community residential baseline.

What Our Clients Say

“The RetroKit team worked with us in 2018 to develop a Positive Energy District concept for a Smart City project in Bishopstown. They helped us define a detailed strategy for deep energy retrofit for one of Cork City Council’s housing estates as part of the concept. We were very impressed by the level of flexibility offered by RetroKit to investigate a wide range of energy renovation options, and by the quality of the evidence provided to inform our investment plans.”  

Brian Cassidy

Senior Executive Engineer, Cork City Council Housing Department

Our vision is for everyone to be able to live in a comfortable, healthy and climate-friendly home.